Carson Monahan - Modern Artist living and working in Detroit, MI.

Discovering spirituality and the fluidity of the human psyche through movement, color, and abstraction.

Carson is an American abstract painter based in Detroit, MI. Born and raised in Ann Arbor, he grew up immersed in a world of art and design. The product of two artists, Carson had a toolbox of mediums to explore from an early age. As a young professional, Carson worked in design in New York City and Austin, Texas. After starting and running a fashion brand, he ultimately left the industry to focus solely on his artwork in 2019. Carson’s practice is currently housed at The Riverside Detroit, an early 20th century industrial building in the heart of the city. He has works in private collections in NYC, Chicago, Toronto, Texas, Michigan, and beyond. 

My work aims to embrace the beauty of our coexisting imperfection and the impermanence of the human experience. We are confronted with daily vicissitude and embracing both the beauty and madness informs my approach. I conceptualize this by abstracting the nature of these motifs and diving deeper into the expression of human emotion by bringing gestural strokes to the canvas through feeling, experience, observations, and thought. I create abstract forms, figures and color fields, layered with depth and texture through movement, color, and spontaneity. As a witness and participant, I observe the world we share, from city life to mother nature, to emotional and spiritual realms. Deep down in the depths of the unknown, something lurks that continuously calls me to the studio. The work is ongoing, always evolving, and never-ending.

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carson painting-30.jpg


The Riverside 2021 Residency  Detroit, MI 


The Other Art Fair 2021 Chicago, IL


Metropolitan Museum of Design / Collected Detroit "Brainworxx"  2021  Detroit, MI

House of St. Clair  Austin, TX   2019

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