Carson Monahan (b.1985, Ann Arbor, MI. USA) is a painter based in Detroit, Michigan. He draws inspiration in his works from historical context, European Masters, and his experience in fashion design to create imagery that feels both classical and contemporary, resulting in a unique timelessness. Carson’s portraits aim to capture everyday human experiences in a way that the viewer can connect with emotionally and profoundly through unique color palettes and representations. His practice is currently housed at The Riverside Detroit, an early 20th century industrial building in the heart of Detroit. He has sold works to collectors in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Texas, Michigan, and more.

My practice aims to embrace our coexisting imperfection, subtle beauty and fleeting moments of the human experience. I conceptualize this by exploring the depths of human emotion through seemingly ordinary themes and motifs, and poses in a subdued yet striking color palette. The works suggest deep and personal relationships to the subject(s) by creating imaginative scenery and imagery using a contemporary take on traditional techniques.

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The Riverside 2021 Residency  Detroit, MI 


The Other Art Fair 2021 Chicago, IL


Metropolitan Museum of Design / Collected Detroit "Brainworxx"  2021  Detroit, MI

House of St. Clair  Austin, TX   2019

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