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Carson Monahan is a self-taught artist currently based in Detroit, Michigan. With a focus in painting, his works draw inspiration from historical context, old world symbolism, color theory, and the emotional experience of the human psyche. Growing up in Ann Arbor, MI, he began making art from a very young age and worked as a fishmonger for his father at an old style, multi-merchant marketplace. After two semesters studying art in college, he dropped out to work and save money for travel. Following a brief stint living in Charleston, South Carolina painting houses, Carson returned to university and earned a degree in Entrepreneurship. As a young professional, he spent time living in Austin and New York City working in the fashion industry and co-launching the brand House of St. Clair as Head Creative. As a result of these experiences, he began to hone his artistic voice, creating works that feel both classical and contemporary. By using considered objects and characterizations in his work, Carson creates imagery that tells a story beyond what is seen on the canvas, allowing viewers to connect emotionally and profoundly.

My work aims to create psychological depth and emotional resonance, capturing the nuanced mental and spiritual experiences of life while revealing subtle beauty and imperfections that are often overlooked. I am fascinated by the complex depths of human experience, and my paintings strive to convey these inner worlds, revealing hidden meanings and metaphorical imagery that lie buried in the human psyche.

My compositions incorporate motifs imbued with symbolic significance, each left open to interpretation, inviting viewers to experience the work subjectively and draw their own meaning. Through my symbolic language, my paintings communicate the intangible aspects of human experience, from joy and abundance to loss and fragility.

Each artwork is an invitation to slow down and savor the beauty, complexity, and challenges of the world around us, encouraging viewers to reflect on their own experiences and emotions. My goal is to create a space where viewers can connect with the deeper aspects of life, finding meaning and resonance in the fleeting moments that make up our existence.

To inquire about obtaining Carson's work or a commission, please fill out the form found below.

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Monument "Habitual Moments" Solo Exhibition, 2023, Kingston, NY


The Riverside 2021-22 Residency  Detroit, MI 


The Other Art Fair 2021 Chicago, IL


Metropolitan Museum of Design / Collected Detroit "Brainworxx"  Group Exhibition  2021  Detroit, MI

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